Thursday, December 27, 2007

Carla Bruni on Boyfriend Nicolas Sarkozy's Private Trip to Egypt

Carla Bruni and Boyfriend Nicolas Sarkozy

France's President  officially took his new girlfriend, topmodel-turned-singer , on a trip to Egypt on the Christmas day December 25, 2007. The hand-in-hand couple shown in the picture above was received by Sameer Farag, head of of antiquities at Luxor Airport. It was reported that Sarkozy borrowed the private plane from French billionaire for the trip

Marmon Holdings Sold 60% Stakes to Warrent Buffet

Marmon Holdings

, an industrial conglomerate belonging to Chicago's wealthiest family and chain owner--the Pritzkers, would sell 60 percent of its stake worth of $4.5 billion to the investor company, Inc. The deal was announced on the . Berkshire has also agreed to buy the rest of Marmon, which consists of more than 125 manufacturing and service companies, over the next 5-6years, at a price that will be based on the future earnings of the company

Barron Hilton is dating Skye Peters

Paris Hilton and Little bro Barron Hilton Picture

is the sixteen-year-old daughter of producer and his former wife . She was reported to be , the little brother of and also 16. The two teenagers was said to have checked in a room at the at the night of last Friday and 'did something' !   Sources tell Page Six that ..... On Friday [December 22], the two holed up in room 261 at the and "something happened," said a friend of Jon's, as "."

Jeanne Carmen, Pinup Girl and B-movie actress, Dies of Lymphoma

Jeanne Carmen

a 1950s pinup girl, B-movie actress and trick-shot golfer has passed away, at 77 years old. . , Carmen's son said her mother died of lymphoma on Thursday at her home in , California. Jeanne 'Laverne' Carmen [wiki] was born in , Arkansas on August 4, 1930. In 1978, Carmen moved to Orange Country until her death. In addition to her son, Carmen is survived by daughters and , and three grandchildren.

Nano Bible

Nano Bible

To increase young people's interest in and , at the have successfully used a device called Focused Ion Beam (Fib)to inscribe a 300,000 worded on a nano chip, setting a record of the smallest Bible ever created. The 0.5sq-mm (0.01sq-in) on the chip smaller than a pinhead was written on a silicon surface covered with a thin layer of gold (20nanometres thick - 0.0002mm).

Guitar Hero 3 Cheats

Guitar Hero 3

for those addicted to the game like crack. Here's a site with , hyperspeed, codes, hyperspeed cheat codes and more. Give them a try and Enjoy! See also: , , , ,

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore

has learned that actress - from and the independent movie Trois- tied the knot in a small this weekend. got its hands on some of the event.

Terracotta warrior

Terracotta warrior

A with a green face will be shown in the newly revamped . The terracotta warrior is the only green-faced warrior out of over 1,500 terracotta warriors unearthed so far

San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack Killed One, Injuired Two

An escaped and killed a zoo visitor this afternoon in a cafe at the , where is home to both . It was not clear which subspecies of tiger was involved in the incident. The tiger was shot and killed after attacking two other visitors, said , the spokeswoman for the . Both of the victims were transported to with life-threatening injuries.

Fabian Hands Murdered Saundra and Renota Brown Sisters

Fabian Hands Murdered Saundra and Renota Brown Sisters

, 46, has been arrested in connection with the deaths of two women, 48-year-old (pictured left) and 36-year-old (pictured right) on Monday (Dec 24) night. Hands was the boyfriend of Saundra. He killed (maybe shot) the two women at Saundra's house in , and left their bodies in the basement, then beat and raped the 20-year-old daughter of Saundra in the same home.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Omaha news

Omaha news
A gunman opened fire from a balcony in a shopping mall in Omaha, Nebraska, on Wednesday, killing eight people, wounding five before taking his own life, police said. Following is a chronology of some of the deadlier mass shootings in the United States in recent years: March 1998 - At Westside Middle School in Jonesboro...

Sun Ming Ming

The Nighthawks, formerly in the American Basketball Association, joined nine out-of-state franchises in forming the PBL. Earlier this year, the team made headlines by signing 7-foot-9 center Sun Ming Ming from China.

Omaha shooting

This is the second incident where someone has opened fire in a shopping mall. The last incident was at Ward Parkway Mall in Kansas City, MO in April of this year. For more information about the Omaha shooting you can click on the related stories links below.

Brett Murray

Artist Brett Murray was born in Pretoria, studied art at Stellenbosch university and now resides and works in Cape Town. Brett works mainly in metal and plastics, creating wall sculptures and lights that comment on the "rich and unique irony, particular and peculiar to South Africa."

Westroads Mall

Nebraska public safety officials and witnesses said most of the casualties were inside the Von Maur department store at the Westroads Mall on Omaha's west side. The 20-year-old assailant, who wore military-style camouflage, opened fire from the store's third floor shortly after 1 p.m., targeting employees and customers with a semi-automatic weapon, witnesses said.

Cincinnati school closings

Counties north of Cincinnati such as Butler and Warren will see the most - two to four inches of snow, he said. Hamilton and Clermont counties will shovel one to three inches, and Northern Kentucky communities will get an inch or a bit more, he said. The snow undoubtedly will bring local traffic headaches and other problems for rush hour commuters tonight and Wednesday morning. There also likely will be school closings and delays. cincinnati school closings

Robert Hawkins

The shooter, whom Omaha Police Chief Thomas Warren identified as Robert Hawkins, left several suicide notes. In an evening news conference, Warren declined to speculate on Hawkins' motives, saying: "When you have an incident of this nature, it may be impossible to come up with an explanation."

Mall shooting

Police received a 911 call from someone inside the mall, and shots could be heard in the background, Negron said. By the time officers arrived six minutes later, the shooting was over, she said. mall shooting

Trojan.Win32.Agent.akk removal

I have been getting a box (looks like a windows system message) that pops up periodically and randomly on my screen that says my computer has Trojan.Win32.Agent.akk, then says to click below to get the software to clear the trojan (recommended). I can click "OK" or "No thanks" (I think - I only copied down the name of the trojan). Your browser was hijacked by Trojan.Win32.Agent.akk How to remove and clean system, please help! You need to clean your system immediately, in other case it can be crashed soon! Trojan is a general term for malicious software that is installed under false or deceptive pretenses or is installed without the user's full knowledge and consent. Most Trojans exhibit some form of malicious, hostile, or harmful functionality or behavior.

Baltimore public schools

Bob Wade, coordinator of athletics for the Baltimore public schools, said he was not familiar with pre-concussion baseline testing but that he has been working for about five years to get athletic trainers for the city's 19 public schools.

Mark kamps

Mark Kamp arrived at Toys R Us four hours before it opened, and he wasn't first in line. The Wii remote.Kamp had heard that the toy retailer was getting a shipment of Wiis, the still-scarce Nintendo video game system that, one year after its release, again is a hot holiday gift. mark kamps

Monday, December 03, 2007

Jackie Garcia

Hollywood actor is praising slain NFL player for his bravery in saving the lives of his baby daughter and girlfriend, Garcia's niece. hid with their 18-month-old child while Taylor confronted his assailant and was shot. Police said they believe Taylor was the victim of a botched break-in, said.

Roofing San Francisco Contractors

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Green acres lyrics

is the place for me. Farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide , just give me that countryside.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Catcher Brian Schneider and outfielder Ryan Church

Catcher Brian Schneider

Catcher and outfielder were traded to the Mets by the Nationals for outfielder . Schneider is regarded as one of the best defensive catchers in the game. Church hit .272 with 15 homers and 70 . Milledge hit .272 with seven homers and 29 RBI in 184 at-bats in 2007.

green acres lyrics

is the place for me. Farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide , just give me that countryside.

Leeland Eisenberg. Hostage crisis over

, the same name as the alleged suspect in the hostage situation, has reportedly been an inmate in a facility. It is unclear whether it is the same Leeland Eisenberg that is allegedly involved in the Hillary Clinton hostage situation, but we are looking into it.


In the , the range of offences that are regarded as "" offences for the purposes of money laundering is much wider than in other countries. "Predicate" offences are those that generate the proceeds of crime. The definition of predicate offences in the UK is much more stringent than that recommended by (), which is widely regarded as setting the parameters within which member countries frame their laws.

myspace voodoo

was badly injured at a concert this weekend. The rocker, who is dating , broke his ankle at his performance in . Below is Pete's message from his page, about the Woodoo music and not canceling the concerts.

Willie Horton saga

Michael Dukakis

lost his bid for the in small part because he stumbled in his response to the . Horton was a convicted killer who, out of prison on a weekend pass in 1987, tortured and raped a Maryland woman. Dukakis' failure to exhibit due and swift outrage helped elect the first .